Sequence of 3

We part ways
Moving forever forwards
Neither looking back
Faces passing by
We are transfixed
On the unknown
Never really stopping
Never really going
Steady Motionless motion
Without real significance
Nothing more then
Two irrelevant passerby’s
Trapped within the
Exact same sequence
Of tragic events
We part ways
We move forwards
Going full circle
Destined souls with
Paths leading us
To the same
Destination we met…


Forgetting… you


Forgetting you...

Letters to you are like wasted ink of names tattooed on shattered hearts. Writing to you, in hopes you never receive this, to tell you how much time has yet made me hate you. Wishing against all odds, hoping against all hope, that someday I’ll forget your name. Desperate prayers, tear drenched pleas, that someday I won’t remember your face, your voice, or how much I love you. In time I’ll gather the pieces of what’s left of who I am, knowing many parts of me will be missing, like you are now.


What happens when another holds our heart

To many nights I spent wallowing, mourning the lose of my heart. Watched as days progressed into months, months into years, and after everything I gave to you, your lips calls the name of another lover. But time will one day grace me with the gift of “moving on”. My fragmented heart will mend, these wounds will soon heal. God will soon remind me of the strength our hearts poses, that after being broken time and time again, after countless brutal beatings, it still beats like a steady drum…


Omniscient Eyes


Omniscient Eye

Crescent moon
Dimly lit city
Ashen greystone clouds
Pondering eyes

Hidden pathways
Murky paved roads
Bone bare branches
Melancholy soft whispers

Phosphorescent street lamps
Illuminated love letters
Silent confused hands
Holding eternity within each other 


A Simple “four” letter Word


       Many people view love as simply a four letter word. Nothing special, nothing trivial, simply just a four letter word. An ordinary meaningless word, overly spoken with multiple strings. Just another word like “Fuck” or “Bitch” with no value. Just a simple word man thrushes in the air, not carrying where it lands or the aftermath of its destruction. Just a stupid word to justify our selfish lust for personal vindication. Love was nothing more then a four letter word, until I was bound by it.
        No one can tell you if you’re in love, you just know. You feel in your heart, see it in your new out look on life, and slowly you begin to embrace it. Forever changes you, altering your entire universe, giving yourself to the impulse of the moment without question. Gravitating to a selfless you. No longer are you whole, realizing this person was design perfectly to fit into you. Measured exactly for you. This once weightless, two dimensional word, now embodied hope, bringing you a new found faith your mind is egger to explore. No one can tell you you’re in love, its something you feel deep inside your heart and soul. Moving unmovable mountains within your core. As I starred into his eyes for those few short seconds, unable to look away, I knew I would forever adore him. Because in the vast midnight of my existence, obscured by nothingness, the sun was rising brighter within my darkness.




Time is infinite

Enlaced within these white sheets
Days of long ago
Imprinted on Old Money
The youth of our first encounter
Within this sleepless city
Embedded within these aged footpaths
Are the declarations of our enchantment
Nothing more then start crossed lovers
Condemned to tragedy
But we never feared to love
Vivaciously in permanent ink   
Holding on to each “I love you”
Like drowning sailors frantically
Preserving their last breathe
Because in the end
We are nothing more
Then two halves of a whole
Our fate intertwined in this
Timeless tale of Love


I Fear the Night


I fear the night
This darken room
A barren chest barricading
A fossilized heart 
Mirrored in display

Sitting in this darken bedroom
My temperamental mind formulating 
Mathematical equations 
Seeking scientific hypothesis 
Intertwined with philosophical notions that the last thought on your mind is the echoed silence of my name

Burnt out cigarettes and empty liquor bottles
My sub conscience fighting to see clarity
Aimlessly walking around
Starring into shattered mirrors
Phone in hand
Contemplation creating battlefields of unspoken words in my head

Tear drenched pillow cases
Blank TV screens playing monotoned reruns 
Headboard designed like Gothic tomb stones as
This bed becomes a graveyard for this broken heart
Housing aged decayed bones between its sheets

I fear the night
This darken room
A barren chest barricading
A fossilized heart 
Mirrored in display


Mirrored Silence

Mirrored silence
Barren message box
Rereading an old conversation 
Tainted with memories of departure

Rolling blunts
Whisky in my veins 
Playing Gods and Monsters
As I assassinate my brain cells

Eyes closed
Clouded, confused thoughts
Walking around aimlessly in the dark
As tulips begin to wither and freeze

Mirrored silence
Shattered hearts, tearless sheets, as
Nightstands become grave yards for photographs in corners collecting dust…


Once I had Loved You…


I loved you with fire
watched pieces of myself
burn away into nothingness
fiercely clinging to idealistic
notions that love burned
with undying passion
I loved you as fire consumed me

I was broken and yet I was
shattered objects reforming
molding, creating new shapes
with old scars finally healing, but…
Once I had loved you
I loved you beyond reason, even when it broke me beyond recognition

Once I had loved you
miles placed between bodies
time escaping embraces of lovers
absence thus creating a void
erosion of a naked hearts
silent tears a soul bares in slumber
Once… no, I still love you with fire


Long has it been that we have sat within the shadows
Watched the infestation of malice fester within our weaken bones
Continuously being led into mental darkness
And ridiculed into this abysmal silence by our “Monarchs”

We have endured the bloodshed of the masses
Abiding by daily to our disguised and unjust enslavement
Blindly tolerating the cruelty of our corrupt “Sovereigns”
As we watch the demolishment of our “Voice”

Emerge from obscurity

Desire to Forget

I can sit here in the dark and convince myself that I hate you. Come up with millions of reasons to walk away and just forget about your existence. I can sit here and pretend that our silence doesn’t bother me, doesn’t hurt me. I can pretend to be cold an indifferent whenever you decide to acknowledge my existence.

Sometimes I wish life had an undue button, cause I wish I had never met you…