Chapter Two: Madness

“All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy… that’s how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day” ~The Joker … More Chapter Two: Madness


The Darkness

It is what I cloak myself with When I need to escape this reality It is the various shade of nothingness When I close my eyes to not see It’s the morbid song I have on repeat When I cannot transmit my emotions into words The sensations of feeling trapped When I cannot wake from … More The Darkness

Aching Silence

Silence will always scream The loudest truth Echoing between our naked bodies As the agonizing minutes tick away Anticipating the words that will never be spoken The torturous ache within my soul As I lay here exposed before your eyes Yet here your ignorance keeps you silent Your depth-less chocolate eyes revealing nothing The silence … More Aching Silence

A Dream

Because, he had a dream… We will no longer see colored faces A grey scale of Copper faces Black or White no longer a human definition Violence no longer a means to destroy a nation A league of races created in God’s perfection Hate will no longer rein within our hearts As we hold in … More A Dream

Hope against Hope

Hope against hope: is to continue to hope although the out look does not warrant it… So its 2 am and my thoughts are of you Wasting away in dispare As the flames of my faith dwindles in the balance Bleeding atoms on paper As I slowly lose her to the epidemic of darkness Blasting … More Hope against Hope

Sequence of 3

We part ways Moving forever forwards Neither looking back Faces passing by We are transfixed On the unknown Never really stopping Never really going Steady Motionless motion Without real significance Nothing more then Two irrelevant passerby’s Trapped within the Exact same sequence Of tragic events We part ways We move forwards Going full circle Destined … More Sequence of 3